HI, I am having a party and would like to order 30 oysters from you!

Righteous is a wholesaler!  This means that we sell our products to institutions and restaurants in large lots, not to individuals in small lots.  We are not licensed to serve the public in that way, so we don’t.  Please feel free to email us and we will give you suggestions as to where you might procure oysters for private use.

How do I set up an account?

Contact us at righteousshellfish@gmail.com and we will send you a credit application.  This process can take as little as 30 minutes depending on how quickly you can fill out a form.

Are you a restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas?

No, but a company can dream…  We are a wholesale shellfish purveyor headquartered in Brooklyn.

Do you sell fish?  Can I buy Lobster, shrimp, etc, from you?

Not at the moment, our expertise is in live shellfish (oysters, clams, and occasionally mussels) and that keeps us pretty busy.  In the future we may expand our line to encapsulate other sustainably sourced products but for now we’re happy (and tired) just dealing with mollusks.