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“Fin”tastic news for Sharks

By Righteousfoods • February 23, 2012 • Filed in: Environmental Issues, New York City, Seafood Issues

This from the New York Times today.  I have written on the site about shark finning before, a ridiculous, wasteful practice that decimates the ocean for a luxury good that is the rough equivalent of killing someone for their nose cartilage, and then making a bland, tasteless soup out of that nose cartilage and serving it at a wedding.

Glad to see New York at or near the cutting edge on this.  Also cool to see that Yao Ming has leant his voice to the movement to having this ridiculous and environmentally unsound practice banned.  If they aren’t getting somewhere with banning it in China and Taiwan, then nothing we do here makes a difference.  The import market in the US is comparatively puny.  I love to hear positive news of any kind is happening though, so bravo all you ichthyophilic people and marine biologists who are moving this type of legislation forward.

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