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Surprise Surprise

It’s not a giant shock to people who pay attention to aquaculture in general when you hear news like this.  One of the problems with our current aquaculture methods is that at their base, a lot of them still rely on wild fish to feed and grow their farmed fish.  The primary lower food chain [...]

Winter is Coming

I read all those books.  They just get weirder and weirder, just to let you know.  The horse heart eating is just the beginning, I am curious as to how HBO is going to handle some of the crazy crap that goes on in the next four books, there’s a lot of strange sex, monsters, [...]

Sh*t Oysters Say

….. Well that was quick.  Oysters, much like the internet, don’t have a centralized brain.  They have clusters of nerves that react to stimulus, in other words, what “intelligence” they have is decentralized.  So they don’t say anything, they don’t think anything, they filter feed, they close and open up due to certain environmental factors [...]

Hey! Watch This!

From the guys down at Rappahannock River Oysters (featuring Travis Croxton and Anthony Marchetti) and The Perennial Palate.  

Cetacean Sunday

Read an interesting review by Paul Greenberg (who wrote the very well written and interesting book “Four Fish: The Future of the Last Wild Food) of the book “The Sounding of the Whale” here.  I realize that i have written very little about oysters lately.  There is a rationale behind that as I am in [...]