New Yorks Freshest Molluscs

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Unrelated to shellfish, one of the amazing things to see when driving all over the city 3 days a week is the great variety of dogs, doing very doglike things in the least dog friendly environment on the planet that isn’t underwater or on fire. This morning we saw a dog walker being pulled forward [...]

The “Vanishing” Oyster

There’s an article in the Journal BioScience that’s causing quite a stir lately.  Sexily entitled “Oyster Reefs at Risk and Recommendations for Conservation, Restoration, and Management”, this article essentially says the exact thing that everyone in the oyster industry who doesn’t harvest from either the Gulf of Mexico or Malpeque Bay already knows.  The days [...]

We’re Up

OK, looks like the website is off the ground.  Much like a zeppelin, it’s going to take some more hot air to get it flying.  Maybe not a zeppelin, those were filled with flammable hydrogen. We’ll say a hot air balloon.   Luckily I  have a large store of hot air which was thoughtfully provided [...]